Cerebrum Paté reviewed

Cerebrum Paté got a review over at the ever-faithful Radio Free Midwich, along with a trio of other releases from Tor Press. 


Choice highlight would be “the closer you look the more peculiar it gets” but the rest can be found at the above link or over in our repository of press cuttings. 

We still have a small handful of these CDs available, for £5 (which includes postage inside the UK, get in contact if outside) so feel free to hit us up 

sarcasticmuffin [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

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The Red Forest

Our tape The Red Forest, release January 2013, has now been made available as a download for FREE (or more) and is available here:


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Fall 2013

There’s a new review in our press section – curtsey of Honesty Bag.

We have upcoming gigs in Bristol (details pending – but let’s say a Sunday in November) & Brighton (27th November Cowley Club)

The Bristol one is as a little release party for forthcoming “Aurorae” from RHP CDRS. So there’s that coming as well – I’ll let you know when.
And The Brighton one is a fundraiser for Brighton And Hove Community Radio.

Here’s the poster for the Brighton night – check out THAT line-up.


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Waters (detail)

Following our recent gig in london at the Klinker wherein we performed a live soundtrack to our film Waters, we herein present a section of that live soundtrack along with the associated footage. Enjoy. Share wide.

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Sunday 25th August 2013.

The Chequers, Preston St, Brighton

The Zero Map shall be playing as part of the Inertia night.
We’ll be on early – probably 6ish. 
It’s FREE.
Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/491094787635519/?fref=ts

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Cerebrum Paté

Cerebrum Paté is here. Both in the metaphorical – it is released/realised – and the physical – it’s here, we have it, you can buy copies from us.

It’s our toe-dipping psychedelic slip into glitch.

Cerebrum Paté

You can order copies for £5 (in the uk/ a bit more for postage outside the uk)
by e-mailing us at sarcasticmuffin [at] hotmail [dot] com
or you can go to Norman Records where it will cost you £4.99 (PLUS postage)
or you can go over to Tor Press where it will also cost you £5 (but you will be supporting the label rather than the artist – although Tor Press were responsible for the gorgeous artwork you see above and deserve it y’know)

Anyhow’s here’s the video to remind you how cool this shizzle is.

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New Video

There’s a new video for an excerpt of our track Neutrino Detector off the forthcoming album Cerebrum Paté:

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