Cerebrum Paté

Cerebrum Paté is here. Both in the metaphorical – it is released/realised – and the physical – it’s here, we have it, you can buy copies from us.

It’s our toe-dipping psychedelic slip into glitch.

Cerebrum Paté

You can order copies for £5 (in the uk/ a bit more for postage outside the uk)
by e-mailing us at sarcasticmuffin [at] hotmail [dot] com
or you can go to Norman Records where it will cost you £4.99 (PLUS postage)
or you can go over to Tor Press where it will also cost you £5 (but you will be supporting the label rather than the artist – although Tor Press were responsible for the gorgeous artwork you see above and deserve it y’know)

Anyhow’s here’s the video to remind you how cool this shizzle is.

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