gigs and gogs


We shall be gracing the stage twice this month.
First we shall be appearing with bandCalledMac and Lost In The Riots – who perform math-cock-rock and sweetly ascending post rock respectively at Brighton Electric on Saturday 29th September – it’s a free gig and a bring your own booze scenario.
& then the very next day we shall be appearing at Splittin The Atom IX in Hastings at the Tubman, which is also free & there’s a whole host of weirdo-shizzle going down at that one.
Facebook Events are this:
and this:

Also we have recently uploaded and updated our downloads page – so you can now get the limited edition self release disc “Bettie’s Birthday Album” for download at any amount of £s that you care to give us (or none at all because, you know, we’re free and easy like that).

& for added ease we’re gonna embed that stuff right here right now – because we can:

There’s also recordings on the way, releases brewing, but that’s all a secret(ish) and will have to wait for laters.

Piece out

The Zero Map HQ

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