2 gigs, a track and 2 reviews

We have a fiveway of news nuggets for your ingestion.

We have been confirmed to play the wonderful Supernormal Festival, doing live soundtracks to a film, we’re part of the “Bang The Bore” corner, which is a super headache full of crazy stuff. Get your fill & buy tickets for the whole weekend here: http://www.supernormalfestival.co.uk/bang-the-bore-presents/

We have a track released on a great new compilation entitled “here” released by “Bang The Bore” (spot the theme yet) which is a packed 2-cds full of 21 responses to the locale of the performer – housed in a lovely booklet with pictures and words from all involved. As well as us it features Gary Busdriver, Seth Cooke, Hákarl, joinedbywire, Daniel Alexander Hignell, clive henry, Daniel Spicer, Noteherder & McCloud as well as many others. Every entry comes with longitude and latitude co-ordinates so you can stalk your favourites acts as well. Highly highly recommended.
Buy it here: http://www.bangthebore.org/archives/3340

Our tape “A Duty To The Dead” got reviewed in Wire Magazine this month. They said:
“A Brighton duo with roots in A Band, The Zero Map make something quite a bit less clattery than all that. The basic thrust is created (it would seem) by long feedback guitar tones, which are interlaced with cosmic whooshery and echoey machine sounds. Sounds totally crummy, but in a great way.”

A review from Radio Free Midwich. Read it all here (too long to be pasted here)http://radiofreemidwich.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/artifacts-of-the-no-audience-underground-the-zero-map-live-spirit-of-gravity-2011/:

And finally we are playing a small gig at the monthly night “Horseplay” at the Black Dove in Kemp Town on the 31st May. Also playing that night, should be, Dolerous Luxedo & Lisa Jayne. The night is free so you have no excuse.

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