Review of “Felis Cattus Domesticus”
had this to say:

“And something special for dessert. You may have noticed that several of IE’s releases induced a narrative reverie in me and that I’ve been tempted to call on various wierd tales in order to explain the effect. Well, now it is time to reference the master…

Immediately prior to listening to this disc for the first time I had been enjoying a reading of At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft. The fit with ‘Sentience’, the first track, could not be more snug. This feels like a field recording of the relentless Arctic wind whistling and groaning as it whips around the non-euclidean angles of a long-abandoned alien city. Or is it deserted? There are strange vibrations emanating from far beneath the snow…

The second track, ‘Giving Birth’, is a cool drone piece suggesting the experience is far more placid and meditative than I had been led to believe.

The third and final track, ‘The Voices In My Head’, is a remarkable 20 minutes of layered, shifting textures that is as beguiling and unnerving as, well, having voices in your head.

Last night I woke from a nightmare and found myself trapped in that panic-inducing moment between sleep and consciousness. The universe was inexplicable and malevolent. Reduced, in fact, to Lovecraftian cosmic horror. As this is a regular occurence, I keep my mp3 player handy in order that I may distract myself back to sleep by listening to some music. Last night this track happened to be cued up and I found it strangely soothing. Not because it is at all soporific, it isn’t, but because it acknowledged the truth of my fears. Yes, it said to me, we get it…

What the music has to do with the title of the release, or the sweet snapshots of cats on the cover, is beyond me – perhaps they are The Cats of Ulthar? – but who cares? This is one of the best releases I’ve heard this year so far – the equal of the Jazzfinger disc reviewed in part one.”

They also give a good overview of several other releases on Infinite Exchange:

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