Would You Gum? – A short film

We had a baby, so things have all slowed down around here – but we have somehow magically found time to make this short film and soundtrack. So you better enjoy.

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A couple of downloadable things…

There’s a couple of download EPs available.
Through The Prism which is some studio games from last year, was gonna get a 3″ release but that all fell apart for various reasons. So thought we’d give it away.


and Live+ from last year which was a wonderful live performance from a powerful 5 person line-up of The Zero Map+ featuring Tim Cottrell, Harvey Evident and Emma Frances Skemp.

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Polar Stratospheric Cloud

New album:

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Old Tape on New Download

The wonderful old tape “A Duty To The Dead” is now available as a pay what you like download:


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Things and Other Things.

Firstly we have a lovely gig coming up:
Bleach (above Hare & Hounds/ formly The Hydrant) Preston Circus, Brighton – 25th September 2014.
supporting Barberos.

Also we had our Leeds recording put online with stuff here

We’ve also played recently for MadArtVoid.
And got a review of our split tape with dogeeseseegod here

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Review, Tape and Compilation

There was a review over at Avant Music News of our Psychic Glass Dome release. Now also there to be read in our Press section.

We have a new split tape with dogeeseseegod – available from our own imprint “Emblems of Cosmic Disorder” – you can get that here:

Also we have a track, “Eye Patch”,  on the LF Records compilation Computer Music along with Astral Social Club, dsic, Ian Watson, Seth Cooke and a load of other great acts. It’s all strictly computer generated sounds.

Samples and tracklisting here: http://www.lfrecords.autmusic.com/computermusic.html

and buy it here: http://www.lfrecords.autmusic.com/


We’re playing a gig at Splittin’ The Atom on July 17th (poster pending) and we are planning an jaunt up north in August to Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds (more news pending).

’til next time. Love to all

The Zero Map


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Psychic Glass Dome

A new 3″ CD EP of ours “Psychic Glass Dome” has been released on Sheepscar Light Industrial and is available to buy from them, or from us (electronically mail us at: sarcasticmuffin [at] hotmail [dot] com).

Also available to stream/download as (pay what you want) from the Sheepscar Bandcamp



Also – reviews of Cerebrum Pate here: Weed Temple and here: Terrascope.

Descriptions include:
“Small snippets of lost melody is weaved in between the sinister, dark sounds” and
“darkly shaded ambient/industrial style, off-kilter atmospherics of a particularly English bent.”

Cerebrum Pate is still also available at the aforementioned email address.
Aurorae CD album is also still available to order as well. 
£4 per release (which includes postage inside UK, perhaps more outside) or £10 for all three. 

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